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The School & Nursery Shows | Abu Dhabi

Updated: May 30, 2019

Abu Dhabi City Guide Reports:

The School & Nursery Show is preparing to host the 3rd Abu Dhabi “School & Nursery Show 2018”, which will be held from the 16th to 17th November. The exhibition will see the participation of more than 40 branches of local, regional and international education institutions, catering to all ages from zero to 18.

The exhibitors belong to the city’s leading education establishments and will showcase the latest course options and a wide range of educational options from around Abu Dhabi, including; International Baccalaureate, Indian, British and American curricula amongst others.

The exhibition, in its 12th edition inside the UAE, will attract many visitors specifically looking to enroll their child into an education facility that’s right for them. The show is the largest education-focused event in the UAE with over 5,700 visitors at the last event in February 2018, all of whom were specifically looking to plan their child's future in Abu Dhabi.

It gives parents direct access to the UAE’s leading education providers while providing a comfortable environment where parents and students can meet and interact with principals, teachers, home school service providers, tutors and admissions staff. They can also listen to panel discussions on key topics such as 'Understanding the different Curriculum choices in Abu Dhabi' and 'Preparing your child for their future; how are they prepared for jobs that don't exist yet and the changing state of our environment?'

With the UAE Government identifying education as one of its biggest priorities, new initiatives are constantly being launched to target all levels of education. The School & Nursery Show opens its doors in Abu Dhabi to enable local educational institutions to stand out and service this growing sector.

Catherine McEvoy, Director at The School & Nursery Show said: “With this promising outlook for the UAE’s education sector, it is vitally important for schools to standout as leading educational facilities capable of nurturing and molding the next generation to be valued members of society, both locally and abroad, instilling knowledge in future generations and reflecting positively on the UAE. This positive prospect has also created a highly competitive space for local educational facilities, including nurseries, looking to secure enrollments for the next academic term and the years following.”

Over 175,000 additional seats will be required in the K-12 segment in the next three years, 90 percent of which will come from private school enrolments, according to a recent study published by PwC Middle East. Recent revisions to UAE residency visa regulations are also likely to play a role in further increasing the number of expats looking to secure longer-term education for their children in the UAE. The same report said that there would likely be approximately 102 new private schools opening in Abu Dhabi and Dubai before 2020.

“Education is the most important investment a parent can make in their child’s life. Having a platform such as this helps parents streamline the selection process, while exhibiting schools have the opportunity to showcase themselves; not just their tangible offerings but their ethos, values and principals to enable them to stand out in this competitive market. We are always excited to welcome new exhibitors on board and with parents traveling from all over Abu Dhabi for the show, we encourage the participation of schools and nurseries from all the Emirate. So far, we have registered about 60 percent of our full capacity with only a few spaces left. Last year each exhibitors fed back that they received on average 120-130 strong leads, and from these they converted an impressive number into paid registrations. We are confident that we’ll exceed that number this year.” McEvoy continued.

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