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Discussion panels, presentations & question time, with local & international educators, and inspirational graduates.

Listen to local and international leading educators; whether you choose to study locally or abroad, these sessions will help students to plan ahead and to prepare for university life.


  • 11am: Preparing for University - getting ready for the ‘real world’

  • 12pm: University Hot Seat - What makes a student stand out when applying for University?

  • 1pm: Keynote Speaker - Sheelah Odedra; Ebay, Amazon and Facebook. Hear how to prepare for life beyond study and provide an insight into what todays employers are really looking for.

  • 2.30pm: Wellness and wellbeing; managing anxiety, building resilience and the support that Universities offer

  • 3.30pm: Cracking the top tier universities; both in the UAE and around the world

  • 4.30pm: Planning further education when you haven’t yet decided on a career path

  • 5.30pm: Financially planning for University Life; Scholarships, home fee status and saving for the years ahead

You'll hear from education experts including University Deans, Lecturers and Admissions Directors from leading universities including Middlesex University, University of Dubai, Amity University.

Joining our speaker list is Mary Ellen Simoni who supports students looking to study at leading universities across the world including University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, LSE, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell and Duke.



Ebay, Amazon and Facebook.

Our keynote speaker, Sheelah Odedra, has made a big name for herself in some of the worlds fastest growing companies. Hear how she got her foot in the door and her advice to young students with big aspirations. 

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Ivy Options

Before founding Ivy Options, Mary Ellen Simoni worked in leadership roles at top-ranked universities in the United States and Europe. She directed Stanford University’s operations which included admissions recruitment in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for more than eight years

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